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Boulevard Love
عشق خیابونی
شاهکار بینش‌پژوه

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Text & Translation

Two hours in front of the mirror every day
Rubs in gel without end
Works on the stylish image abundantly
Comes out on the boulevard (song takes advantage of ambiguity of gender of "u", switching from "he" to "she." The first verses are generally about a male.)

With black Maxima (car brand)
Maroon-colored interiors/seat covers (tu-duzi)
Sport hubcaps on the wide tires
Steps on the gas on/in Jordan (street/boulevard.  This is a posh part of Tehran. After the revolution, this street was renamed "Africa Avenue" but the old name persists. It is named after Samuel Jordan.

The sound of the tape-recorder of his/her car is [in] the air (it is loud)
Installs a sound-system
Laughs hee hee hee

Keeps going up and down
With Kambiz and with Aidin (fashionable male names)
Drives like a ball of fireworks
Pulls the hand-brake
Until sees the checkpoint
Dies from panic
His color suddenly fades
Says this is the last time

(Officer's voice heard in background: "hā kon binam" = open your mouth and say "ah!" let me see, to see if breath smells of alcohol and "in khānum chi nesbati bā shomā
dāran" what is this woman's relationship to you?)

At his Daddy's house eats for free
Loafs around getting fat
On the phone until four in the morning
Nothing to do, it's ok, whatever

Falls in love once a day
In the end, he leaves it off
Tells everyone one Spring day
I'll come and propose

Once a week he's up North
A hanging deadweight at this or that person's villa
From morning until evening at Khezer-shahr (The name of a city, Jordan Avenue on a larger scale!)
Wandering aimlessly from door to door

From morning till evening at the hairdresser
Until midnight at parties
Gets all dolled up with the complete makeup
Says, "Wow, how fine looking I am!"

Gets food from outside (ordered from restaurants)
If doesn't eat pizza will die
More important than dinner
Is lipstick and lip-liner (clearly switching to female now)

She has the role of a doll
Among a handful of spoiled little roosters
One of these days she'll wake up
When it's too late (gets caught)

She's dying for a husband
Thinking about the color of nail polish
She wants a wealthy boy
But she doesn't  a hold get of one

A bunch of sissy/pampered rich boys/dandies
Phoney Rapper wannabies
Come and gather around her
Pretend they're dying for her

Acts like she doesn't know Persian
Because was in Paris for 1 or 2 or 3 weeks
Calls Daddy "Papa"
Went to Europe, you see

She's sitting/hanging out with that (derogatory) boy
Suddenly her mom sees
Gets terrified a whole world's worth (of terror!)
Says he's my cousin (son of aunt)

Why are you crying daughter?
Because she remained behind the door tonight
Her daddy wouldn't let her back (into the house)
He'd heard some rumors (some things).
(Cultural note: She'll be forced to stay with the neighbors until Daddy cools off and will let her back in. She's been temporarily thrown out of the house for having been with that guy!)

جلو آیینه روزی دو ساعت
ژل میماله بی‌نهایت
خوش تیپ می‌کنه فراوون
می‌آد تو خیابون

با ماکسیمای مشکی
تو دوزی‌هاش زرشکی
رینگ اسپرت لاستیک پهن
می‌گازه تو جردن

صدای ضبط ماشینش هوای
سیستم صوتی می‌بنده
هر هر هر می‌خنده

هی می‌ره بالا پایین
با کامبیز و با آیدین
می‌رونه مثل فشفشه
تُرمز دستی می‌کشه

تا می‌بینه ایست بازرسی
می‌میره از دلواپسی
رنگش یهو می‌پره
می‌گه این بار آخره

(ها کن بینم!
این خانوم چی نسبتی با شما دارن؟)

خون باباش می‌خوره نون مفت
گردن میی‌کنه کلفت
پای تلفنه تا چهار صبح
علافه آخه خب

روزی یه دفعه عاشق می‌شه
آخرشم فارغ می‌شه
به همه می‌گه یه روز بهاری
می‌آم خواستگاری

هفته‌ای یه دفعه شماله
ویلای اینو اون وباله
صبح تا شب تو خزرشهر
علاف و در به در

صبح تا شب تو سلمونی
تا نصف شب مهمونی
می‌کنه آرایش هفت قلم
می‌گه وای چه خوشگلم

غذا از بیرون می‌گیره
پیتزا نخوره می‌میره
واجب تر از نون شب
ماتیک و خط لب

نقشش نقش عروسک
بین یه مشت خروسک
یه روزی می‌شه بیدار
که شده گرفتار

واسه شوهر هلاکه
همه‌اش تو فکر رنگ لاکه
پسر پولدار می‌خواد
ولی گیرش نمی‌آد

یه مشت سوسول قرتی
بچه رپ زپرتی
می‌آن دورشو می‌گیرن
الکی واسش می‌میرن

وانمود می‌کنه فارسی بلد نیست
چون یکی دو سه هفته بوده تو پاریس
به باباش می‌گه پاپا
آخه رفته اروپا

با پسره می‌شینه
مامانش یهو می‌بینه
هول می‌شه یه عالمه
می‌گه پسر خالمه

چرا گریونه دختر
آخه امشب مونده پشت در
باباش راهش نمیده
چون یه چیزایی شنیده



Reference: BBC article, lyrics at Iransong, artist's website