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بلد بودن یا نبودن، مسأله این است!

balad budan yā nabudan, mas'ale in ast!

To know or not to know, that is the question! (Submitted by webmaster for Sima Daad on Apr 20, 2010)

A spin on Hamlet, probably said as a joke. See verbs of this sentence: بودن، بلد بودن

گفت پسر مگر در زدن را کسی به تو یاد نداده است؟

goft pesar magar dar zadan rā kas-i be to yād nadāde ast?

He said, "Son, no one ever taught you about knocking first?" (Submitted by Connie on Mar 2, 2010)

(iranian.com) See verbs of this sentence: گفتن، در زدن، یاد دادن

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