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boresh dādan [برش دادن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
boresh dād boresh dehboridan, khalāl kardan

  1. to slice
  2. to cut
  3. to slit
  4. to make an incision

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
manboresh dādamboresh midādamboresh dāde bāshamdāshtam boresh midādam
toboresh dādiboresh midādiboresh dāde bāshidāshti boresh midādi
uboresh dādboresh midādboresh dāde bāshaddāsht boresh midād
boresh dādimboresh midādimboresh dāde bāshimdāshtim boresh midādim
shomāboresh dādidboresh midādidboresh dāde bāshiddāshtid boresh midādid
ānhāboresh dādandboresh midādandboresh dāde bāshanddāshtand boresh midādand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
manboresh dādeamboresh dāde budamboresh midehamdāram boresh mideham
toboresh dādeiboresh dāde budiboresh midehidāri boresh midehi
uboresh dāde astboresh dāde budboresh midehaddārad boresh midehad
boresh dādeimboresh dāde budimboresh midehimdārim boresh midehim
shomāboresh dādeidboresh dāde budidboresh midehiddārid boresh midehid
ānhāboresh dādeandboresh dāde budandboresh midehanddārand boresh midehand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manboresh bedehamboresh khāham dād 
toboresh bedehiboresh khāhi dādboresh bedeh
uboresh bedehadboresh khāhad dād 
boresh bedehimboresh khāhim dād 
shomāboresh bedehidboresh khāhid dādboresh bedehid
ānhāboresh bedehandboresh khāhand dād 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
manboresh nadādamboresh nemidādamboresh nadāde bāsham
toboresh nadādiboresh nemidādiboresh nadāde bāshi
uboresh nadādboresh nemidādboresh nadāde bāshad
boresh nadādimboresh nemidādimboresh nadāde bāshim
shomāboresh nadādidboresh nemidādidboresh nadāde bāshid
ānhāboresh nadādandboresh nemidādandboresh nadāde bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
manboresh nadādeamboresh nadāde budamboresh nemideham
toboresh nadādeiboresh nadāde budiboresh nemidehi
uboresh nadāde astboresh nadāde budboresh nemidehad
boresh nadādeimboresh nadāde budimboresh nemidehim
shomāboresh nadādeidboresh nadāde budidboresh nemidehid
ānhāboresh nadādeandboresh nadāde budandboresh nemidehand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manboresh nadehamboresh nakhāham dād 
toboresh nadehiboresh nakhāhi dādboresh nadeh
uboresh nadehadboresh nakhāhad dād 
boresh nadehimboresh nakhāhim dād 
shomāboresh nadehidboresh nakhāhid dādboresh nadehid
ānhāboresh nadehandboresh nakhāhand dād 

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