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tashih kardan [تصحیح کردن]

Past Stem Present Stem
tashih kard tashih kon
  1. to correct (make right or correct)
    Syn: dorost kardan
  2. to edit (write differently; alter the writing of)
    Syn: virāstan, virāyesh kardan, bāz-nevisi kardan
  3. to revise (make revisions in)
    Syn: virāstan, virāyesh kardan, bāz-nevisi kardan
  4. to proofread (read for errors)
  5. to check (examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition)
    Syn: vā-resi kardan, sar-keshi kardan, chek kardan
  6. to amend (to make better)
  7. to authenticate (establish the authenticity of something)

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mantashih kardamtashih mikardamtashih karde bāshamdāshtam tashih mikardam
totashih karditashih mikarditashih karde bāshidāshti tashih mikardi
untashih kardtashih mikardtashih karde bāshedāsht tashih mikard
tashih kardimtashih mikardimtashih karde bāshimdāshtim tashih mikardim
shomātashih kardintashih mikardintashih karde bāshindāshtin tashih mikardin
unātashih kardantashih mikardantashih karde bāshandāshtan tashih mikardan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mantashih kardeamtashih karde budamtashih mikonamdāram tashih mikonam
totashih kardeitashih karde buditashih mikonidāri tashih mikoni
untashih kardetashih karde budtashih mikonedāre tashih mikone
tashih kardeimtashih karde budimtashih mikonimdārim tashih mikonim
shomātashih kardeintashih karde budintashih mikonindārin tashih mikonin
unātashih kardeantashih karde budantashih mikonandāran tashih mikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mantashih bokonam 
totashih bokonitashih bokon
untashih bokone 
tashih bokonim 
shomātashih bokonintashih bokonin
unātashih bokonan 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mantashih nakardamtashih nemikardamtashih nakarde bāsham
totashih nakarditashih nemikarditashih nakarde bāshi
untashih nakardtashih nemikardtashih nakarde bāshe
tashih nakardimtashih nemikardimtashih nakarde bāshim
shomātashih nakardintashih nemikardintashih nakarde bāshin
unātashih nakardantashih nemikardantashih nakarde bāshan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mantashih nakardeamtashih nakarde budamtashih nemikonam
totashih nakardeitashih nakarde buditashih nemikoni
untashih nakardetashih nakarde budtashih nemikone
tashih nakardeimtashih nakarde budimtashih nemikonim
shomātashih nakardeintashih nakarde budintashih nemikonin
unātashih nakardeantashih nakarde budantashih nemikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mantashih nakonam 
totashih nakonitashih nakon
untashih nakone 
tashih nakonim 
shomātashih nakonintashih nakonin
unātashih nakonan 

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