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nush-e jun kardan [نوش جون کردن]

Past Stem Present Stem
nush-e jun kard nush-e jun kon
  1. to eat heartily (take in solid food)
    Syn: gāz zadan, taghzie kardan, khordan, sir shodan, sarf kardan, meil kardan, ghazā khordan, masraf kardan, be chizi bastan
  2. to drink heartily (take in liquids)
    Syn: sar keshidan, sir-āb shodan, sir-āb kardan, āb khordan, khordan, ghurt dādan, lis zadan, gholop-gholop khordan, gholop-gholop nushidan, sarf kardan, meil kardan, lisidan, mekidan, nushidan, mik zadan


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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mannush-e jun kardamnush-e jun mikardamnush-e jun karde bāshamdāshtam nush-e jun mikardam
tonush-e jun kardinush-e jun mikardinush-e jun karde bāshidāshti nush-e jun mikardi
unnush-e jun kardnush-e jun mikardnush-e jun karde bāshedāsht nush-e jun mikard
nush-e jun kardimnush-e jun mikardimnush-e jun karde bāshimdāshtim nush-e jun mikardim
shomānush-e jun kardinnush-e jun mikardinnush-e jun karde bāshindāshtin nush-e jun mikardin
unānush-e jun kardannush-e jun mikardannush-e jun karde bāshandāshtan nush-e jun mikardan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mannush-e jun kardeamnush-e jun karde budamnush-e jun mikonamdāram nush-e jun mikonam
tonush-e jun kardeinush-e jun karde budinush-e jun mikonidāri nush-e jun mikoni
unnush-e jun kardenush-e jun karde budnush-e jun mikonedāre nush-e jun mikone
nush-e jun kardeimnush-e jun karde budimnush-e jun mikonimdārim nush-e jun mikonim
shomānush-e jun kardeinnush-e jun karde budinnush-e jun mikonindārin nush-e jun mikonin
unānush-e jun kardeannush-e jun karde budannush-e jun mikonandāran nush-e jun mikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mannush-e jun bokonam 
tonush-e jun bokoninush-e jun bokon
unnush-e jun bokone 
nush-e jun bokonim 
shomānush-e jun bokoninnush-e jun bokonin
unānush-e jun bokonan 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mannush-e jun nakardamnush-e jun nemikardamnush-e jun nakarde bāsham
tonush-e jun nakardinush-e jun nemikardinush-e jun nakarde bāshi
unnush-e jun nakardnush-e jun nemikardnush-e jun nakarde bāshe
nush-e jun nakardimnush-e jun nemikardimnush-e jun nakarde bāshim
shomānush-e jun nakardinnush-e jun nemikardinnush-e jun nakarde bāshin
unānush-e jun nakardannush-e jun nemikardannush-e jun nakarde bāshan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mannush-e jun nakardeamnush-e jun nakarde budamnush-e jun nemikonam
tonush-e jun nakardeinush-e jun nakarde budinush-e jun nemikoni
unnush-e jun nakardenush-e jun nakarde budnush-e jun nemikone
nush-e jun nakardeimnush-e jun nakarde budimnush-e jun nemikonim
shomānush-e jun nakardeinnush-e jun nakarde budinnush-e jun nemikonin
unānush-e jun nakardeannush-e jun nakarde budannush-e jun nemikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mannush-e jun nakonam 
tonush-e jun nakoninush-e jun nakon
unnush-e jun nakone 
nush-e jun nakonim 
shomānush-e jun nakoninnush-e jun nakonin
unānush-e jun nakonan 

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