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lombundan [لمبوندن]

Past Stem Present Stem
lombund lombun
  1. colloq. to devour (eating a great amount)
    Syn: be khik bastan
  2. colloq. to eat greedily (eat a large amount of food quickly)
    Syn: balidan


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انقدر زیاد زیاد نلنبون، کم‌کم غذا رو بذار دهنت!

enghadr ziyād-ziyād nalombun, kam-kam ghazā ro bezār dahan-et

Don't stuff so much food into your mouth at once, take a little at a time! (Submitted by webmaster for Behnam on Jun 21, 2012)

This example is in Spoken style. See other verbs of this sentence: gozāshtan

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یارو داشت تا دو ساعت غذا‌ی نزری می‌لمبوند.

yāru dāsht tā do sā`at ghazā-ye nazri milombund

The guy was stuffing his face with the charity food for two hours. (Submitted by webmaster for Behnam on Jun 17, 2012)

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همه رو نلمبونی، منم می‌خوام بخورم!

hama-ro nalonbuni, manam (man ham) mikhām bokhoram

Could you not hog all the food?! I would like to have some too! (Submitted by webmaster for Sima Daad on Apr 30, 2010)

This example is in Spoken style. See other verbs of this sentence: khordan

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
manlombundammilombundamlombunde bāshamdāshtam milombundam
tolombundimilombundilombunde bāshidāshti milombundi
unlombundmilombundlombunde bāshedāsht milombund
lombundimmilombundimlombunde bāshimdāshtim milombundim
shomālombundinmilombundinlombunde bāshindāshtin milombundin
unālombundanmilombundanlombunde bāshandāshtan milombundan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
manlombundeamlombunde budammilombunamdāram milombunam
tolombundeilombunde budimilombunidāri milombuni
unlombundelombunde budmilombunedāre milombune
lombundeimlombunde budimmilombunimdārim milombunim
shomālombundeinlombunde budinmilombunindārin milombunin
unālombundeanlombunde budanmilombunandāran milombunan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mannalombundamnemilombundamnalombunde bāsham
tonalombundinemilombundinalombunde bāshi
unnalombundnemilombundnalombunde bāshe
nalombundimnemilombundimnalombunde bāshim
shomānalombundinnemilombundinnalombunde bāshin
unānalombundannemilombundannalombunde bāshan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mannalombundeamnalombunde budamnemilombunam
tonalombundeinalombunde budinemilombuni
unnalombundenalombunde budnemilombune
nalombundeimnalombunde budimnemilombunim
shomānalombundeinnalombunde budinnemilombunin
unānalombundeannalombunde budannemilombunan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative

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