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naghsh bar āb kardan [نقش بر آب کردن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
naghsh bar āb kard naghsh bar āb konnā-kām kardan

  1. fig. to foil
  2. fig. to ruin
  3. fig. to spoil
  4. fig. to upset
  5. fig. to undo
  6. fig. to nullify


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مردم با صفوف متحدتر به خیابان‌ها خواهند آمد و نقشه‌های دشمنان را نقش بر آب می‌کنند.

mardom bā sofuf-e mottahed-tar be khiābān-hā khāhand āmad va naqshe-hā-ye doshmanān rā naqsh-e bar āb mikonand

The people with more unified ranks will come to the streets and spoil the plans of the enemies. (Submitted by Connie on Feb 15, 2010)

(, 2010)

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mannaghsh bar āb kardamnaghsh bar āb mikardamnaghsh bar āb karde bāshamdāshtam naghsh bar āb mikardam
tonaghsh bar āb kardinaghsh bar āb mikardinaghsh bar āb karde bāshidāshti naghsh bar āb mikardi
unnaghsh bar āb kardnaghsh bar āb mikardnaghsh bar āb karde bāshedāsht naghsh bar āb mikard
naghsh bar āb kardimnaghsh bar āb mikardimnaghsh bar āb karde bāshimdāshtim naghsh bar āb mikardim
shomānaghsh bar āb kardinnaghsh bar āb mikardinnaghsh bar āb karde bāshindāshtin naghsh bar āb mikardin
unānaghsh bar āb kardannaghsh bar āb mikardannaghsh bar āb karde bāshandāshtan naghsh bar āb mikardan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mannaghsh bar āb kardeamnaghsh bar āb karde budamnaghsh bar āb mikonamdāram naghsh bar āb mikonam
tonaghsh bar āb kardeinaghsh bar āb karde budinaghsh bar āb mikonidāri naghsh bar āb mikoni
unnaghsh bar āb kardenaghsh bar āb karde budnaghsh bar āb mikonedāre naghsh bar āb mikone
naghsh bar āb kardeimnaghsh bar āb karde budimnaghsh bar āb mikonimdārim naghsh bar āb mikonim
shomānaghsh bar āb kardeinnaghsh bar āb karde budinnaghsh bar āb mikonindārin naghsh bar āb mikonin
unānaghsh bar āb kardeannaghsh bar āb karde budannaghsh bar āb mikonandāran naghsh bar āb mikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mannaghsh bar āb bokonam 
tonaghsh bar āb bokoninaghsh bar āb bokon
unnaghsh bar āb bokone 
naghsh bar āb bokonim 
shomānaghsh bar āb bokoninnaghsh bar āb bokonin
unānaghsh bar āb bokonan 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mannaghsh bar āb nakardamnaghsh bar āb nemikardamnaghsh bar āb nakarde bāsham
tonaghsh bar āb nakardinaghsh bar āb nemikardinaghsh bar āb nakarde bāshi
unnaghsh bar āb nakardnaghsh bar āb nemikardnaghsh bar āb nakarde bāshe
naghsh bar āb nakardimnaghsh bar āb nemikardimnaghsh bar āb nakarde bāshim
shomānaghsh bar āb nakardinnaghsh bar āb nemikardinnaghsh bar āb nakarde bāshin
unānaghsh bar āb nakardannaghsh bar āb nemikardannaghsh bar āb nakarde bāshan
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mannaghsh bar āb nakardeamnaghsh bar āb nakarde budamnaghsh bar āb nemikonam
tonaghsh bar āb nakardeinaghsh bar āb nakarde budinaghsh bar āb nemikoni
unnaghsh bar āb nakardenaghsh bar āb nakarde budnaghsh bar āb nemikone
naghsh bar āb nakardeimnaghsh bar āb nakarde budimnaghsh bar āb nemikonim
shomānaghsh bar āb nakardeinnaghsh bar āb nakarde budinnaghsh bar āb nemikonin
unānaghsh bar āb nakardeannaghsh bar āb nakarde budannaghsh bar āb nemikonan
 Present SubjunctiveImperative
mannaghsh bar āb nakonam 
tonaghsh bar āb nakoninaghsh bar āb nakon
unnaghsh bar āb nakone 
naghsh bar āb nakonim 
shomānaghsh bar āb nakoninnaghsh bar āb nakonin
unānaghsh bar āb nakonan 

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