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goftan [گفتن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
goft gugoft-o gu kardan, goft-o shonud kardan, hāki budan, hekāyat kardan, mohāvere kardan, mokāleme kardan, sohbat kardan, sokhan goftan

  1. trans. to say (uttering)
  2. trans. to speak (express in speech)
    Syn: farmudan, bayān kardan, dam zadan, zekr kardan
  3. trans. to compose (poetry) (composing poetry)
  4. trans. to tell (let something be known)
    Syn: zekr kardan
  5. sl. trans. to invite (inviting)
  6. fig. trans. to understand (understanding)
    Syn: daryāft kardan
  7. obs. trans. to sing (singing)


اینقده نگو اومدم، پاشو بیا!

in-ghade nagu umadam, pā show biyā!

Don't say "I'm coming" so much, get up and come! (Submitted by webmaster for Saber on Oct 20, 2011)

This example is in Spoken style. See other verbs of this sentence: āmadan, shodan

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mangoftammigoftamgofte bāshamdāshtam migoftam
togoftimigoftigofte bāshidāshti migofti
ugoftmigoftgofte bāshaddāsht migoft
goftimmigoftimgofte bāshimdāshtim migoftim
shomāgoftidmigoftidgofte bāshiddāshtid migoftid
ānhāgoftandmigoftandgofte bāshanddāshtand migoftand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mangofteamgofte budammiguyamdāram miguyam
togofteigofte budimiguyidāri miguyi
ugofte astgofte budmiguyaddārad miguyad
gofteimgofte budimmiguyimdārim miguyim
shomāgofteidgofte budidmiguyiddārid miguyid
ānhāgofteandgofte budandmiguyanddārand miguyand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manbeguyamkhāham goft 
tobeguyikhāhi goftbegu
ubeguyadkhāhad goft 
beguyimkhāhim goft 
shomābeguyidkhāhid goftbeguyid
ānhābeguyandkhāhand goft 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mannagoftamnemigoftamnagofte bāsham
tonagoftinemigoftinagofte bāshi
unagoftnemigoftnagofte bāshad
nagoftimnemigoftimnagofte bāshim
shomānagoftidnemigoftidnagofte bāshid
ānhānagoftandnemigoftandnagofte bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mannagofteamnagofte budamnemiguyam
tonagofteinagofte budinemiguyi
unagofte astnagofte budnemiguyad
nagofteimnagofte budimnemiguyim
shomānagofteidnagofte budidnemiguyid
ānhānagofteandnagofte budandnemiguyand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
mannaguyamnakhāham goft 
tonaguyinakhāhi goftnagu
unaguyadnakhāhad goft 
naguyimnakhāhim goft 
shomānaguyidnakhāhid goftnaguyid
ānhānaguyandnakhāhand goft 

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