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zāher shodan [ظاهر شدن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
zāher shod zāher shawbe vojud āmadan, ru-nemā shodan, ru-nemāy shodan, sabz shodan, sar dar āvardan

  1. to appear
  2. to be developed (film)


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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
manzāher shodamzāher mishodamzāher shode bāshamdāshtam zāher mishodam
tozāher shodizāher mishodizāher shode bāshidāshti zāher mishodi
uzāher shodzāher mishodzāher shode bāshaddāsht zāher mishod
zāher shodimzāher mishodimzāher shode bāshimdāshtim zāher mishodim
shomāzāher shodidzāher mishodidzāher shode bāshiddāshtid zāher mishodid
ānhāzāher shodandzāher mishodandzāher shode bāshanddāshtand zāher mishodand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
manzāher shodeamzāher shode budamzāher mishavamdāram zāher mishavam
tozāher shodeizāher shode budizāher mishavidāri zāher mishavi
uzāher shode astzāher shode budzāher mishavaddārad zāher mishavad
zāher shodeimzāher shode budimzāher mishavimdārim zāher mishavim
shomāzāher shodeidzāher shode budidzāher mishaviddārid zāher mishavid
ānhāzāher shodeandzāher shode budandzāher mishavanddārand zāher mishavand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manzāher beshavamzāher khāham shod 
tozāher beshavizāher khāhi shodzāher beshaw
uzāher beshavadzāher khāhad shod 
zāher beshavimzāher khāhim shod 
shomāzāher beshavidzāher khāhid shodzāher beshavid
ānhāzāher beshavandzāher khāhand shod 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
manzāher nashodamzāher nemishodamzāher nashode bāsham
tozāher nashodizāher nemishodizāher nashode bāshi
uzāher nashodzāher nemishodzāher nashode bāshad
zāher nashodimzāher nemishodimzāher nashode bāshim
shomāzāher nashodidzāher nemishodidzāher nashode bāshid
ānhāzāher nashodandzāher nemishodandzāher nashode bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
manzāher nashodeamzāher nashode budamzāher nemishavam
tozāher nashodeizāher nashode budizāher nemishavi
uzāher nashode astzāher nashode budzāher nemishavad
zāher nashodeimzāher nashode budimzāher nemishavim
shomāzāher nashodeidzāher nashode budidzāher nemishavid
ānhāzāher nashodeandzāher nashode budandzāher nemishavand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manzāher nashavamzāher nakhāham shod 
tozāher nashavizāher nakhāhi shodzāher nashaw
uzāher nashavadzāher nakhāhad shod 
zāher nashavimzāher nakhāhim shod 
shomāzāher nashavidzāher nakhāhid shodzāher nashavid
ānhāzāher nashavandzāher nakhāhand shod 

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