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zhende shodan [ژنده شدن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
zhende shod zhende shawzhulide shodan

  1. to become tattered
  2. to become worn

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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
manzhende shodamzhende mishodamzhende shode bāshamdāshtam zhende mishodam
tozhende shodizhende mishodizhende shode bāshidāshti zhende mishodi
uzhende shodzhende mishodzhende shode bāshaddāsht zhende mishod
zhende shodimzhende mishodimzhende shode bāshimdāshtim zhende mishodim
shomāzhende shodidzhende mishodidzhende shode bāshiddāshtid zhende mishodid
ānhāzhende shodandzhende mishodandzhende shode bāshanddāshtand zhende mishodand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
manzhende shodeamzhende shode budamzhende mishavamdāram zhende mishavam
tozhende shodeizhende shode budizhende mishavidāri zhende mishavi
uzhende shode astzhende shode budzhende mishavaddārad zhende mishavad
zhende shodeimzhende shode budimzhende mishavimdārim zhende mishavim
shomāzhende shodeidzhende shode budidzhende mishaviddārid zhende mishavid
ānhāzhende shodeandzhende shode budandzhende mishavanddārand zhende mishavand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manzhende beshavamzhende khāham shod 
tozhende beshavizhende khāhi shodzhende beshaw
uzhende beshavadzhende khāhad shod 
zhende beshavimzhende khāhim shod 
shomāzhende beshavidzhende khāhid shodzhende beshavid
ānhāzhende beshavandzhende khāhand shod 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
manzhende nashodamzhende nemishodamzhende nashode bāsham
tozhende nashodizhende nemishodizhende nashode bāshi
uzhende nashodzhende nemishodzhende nashode bāshad
zhende nashodimzhende nemishodimzhende nashode bāshim
shomāzhende nashodidzhende nemishodidzhende nashode bāshid
ānhāzhende nashodandzhende nemishodandzhende nashode bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
manzhende nashodeamzhende nashode budamzhende nemishavam
tozhende nashodeizhende nashode budizhende nemishavi
uzhende nashode astzhende nashode budzhende nemishavad
zhende nashodeimzhende nashode budimzhende nemishavim
shomāzhende nashodeidzhende nashode budidzhende nemishavid
ānhāzhende nashodeandzhende nashode budandzhende nemishavand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manzhende nashavamzhende nakhāham shod 
tozhende nashavizhende nakhāhi shodzhende nashaw
uzhende nashavadzhende nakhāhad shod 
zhende nashavimzhende nakhāhim shod 
shomāzhende nashavidzhende nakhāhid shodzhende nashavid
ānhāzhende nashavandzhende nakhāhand shod 

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