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dukhtan [دوختن]

Past Stem Present Stem Synonyms
dukht duzkhayyāti kardan

  1. to sew


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Positive Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect SubjunctivePast Progressive
mandukhtammidukhtamdukhte bāshamdāshtam midukhtam
todukhtimidukhtidukhte bāshidāshti midukhti
udukhtmidukhtdukhte bāshaddāsht midukht
dukhtimmidukhtimdukhte bāshimdāshtim midukhtim
shomādukhtidmidukhtiddukhte bāshiddāshtid midukhtid
ānhādukhtandmidukhtanddukhte bāshanddāshtand midukhtand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent IndicativePresent Progressive
mandukhteamdukhte budammiduzamdāram miduzam
todukhteidukhte budimiduzidāri miduzi
udukhte astdukhte budmiduzaddārad miduzad
dukhteimdukhte budimmiduzimdārim miduzim
shomādukhteiddukhte budidmiduziddārid miduzid
ānhādukhteanddukhte budandmiduzanddārand miduzand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
manbeduzamkhāham dukht 
tobeduzikhāhi dukhtbeduz
ubeduzadkhāhad dukht 
beduzimkhāhim dukht 
shomābeduzidkhāhid dukhtbeduzid
ānhābeduzandkhāhand dukht 

Negative Forms

 Simple PastImperfectPerfect Subjunctive
mannadukhtamnemidukhtamnadukhte bāsham
tonadukhtinemidukhtinadukhte bāshi
unadukhtnemidukhtnadukhte bāshad
nadukhtimnemidukhtimnadukhte bāshim
shomānadukhtidnemidukhtidnadukhte bāshid
ānhānadukhtandnemidukhtandnadukhte bāshand
 Present PerfectPast PerfectPresent Indicative
mannadukhteamnadukhte budamnemiduzam
tonadukhteinadukhte budinemiduzi
unadukhte astnadukhte budnemiduzad
nadukhteimnadukhte budimnemiduzim
shomānadukhteidnadukhte budidnemiduzid
ānhānadukhteandnadukhte budandnemiduzand
 Present SubjunctiveFutureImperative
mannaduzamnakhāham dukht 
tonaduzinakhāhi dukhtnaduz
unaduzadnakhāhad dukht 
naduzimnakhāhim dukht 
shomānaduzidnakhāhid dukhtnaduzid
ānhānaduzandnakhāhand dukht 

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