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Transcription English Translation Perso-Arabic Script
spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
āsib didan āsib didan to suffer damage, to get hurt آسیب دیدن آسیب دیدن
āsib resundan āsib resāndan to damage, to hurt آسیب رساندن آسیب رسوندن
ehāte kardan ehāte kardan to surround, to enclose احاطه کردن احاطه کردن
edde`ā kardan edde`ā kardan to claim, to boast, to allege, to litigate ادعا کردن ادعا کردن
aziyat kardan aziyyat kardan to annoy, to irritate, to tease, to tease, to vex اذیت کردن اذیت کردن
eterāz kardan e`terāz kardan to protest, to object اعتراض کردن اتراض کردن
bar-khord dāshtan bar-khord dāshtan to collide, to clash, to have a run-in (with) برخورد داشتن برخورد داشتن
bar-khord kardan bar-khord kardan to hit (against), to collide, to confront برخورد کردن برخورد کردن
be chizi bastan be chizi bastan to tie to something; fig. to feed one food continuously, to eat one food continuously, to subject to continuously به چیزی بستن به چیزی بستن
be hāshie rundan be hāshie rāndan to sideline به حاشیه راندن به حاشیه روندن
be-ham khordan be-ham khordan to crash into one another, to collide; fig. to to fall into disarray, to become a mess, to fall apart به‌هم خوردن به‌هم خوردن
be-ham rikhtan be-ham rikhtan to become mixed together, to become dissolved, to fall apart, to fall upon one another, to fall into disorder, to pour together, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم ریختن به‌هم ریختن
be-ham zadan be-ham zadan to beat together, to mix up, to get together; fig. to come up with, to find, to upset, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم زدن به‌هم زدن
bi-mahal kardan bi-mahall kardan to ignore بی‌محل کردن بی‌محل کردن
pādāsh dādan pādāsh dādan to reward, to give in return پاداش دادن پاداش دادن
posht-e pā khordan posht-e pā khordan to trip, to stumble, to have an accident; fig. to be tripped up پشت‌ِپا خوردن پشت‌ِپا خوردن
posht-e pā zadan posht-e pā zadan to trip; fig. to renounce, to ruin پشت‌ِپا زدن پشت‌ِپا زدن
pei-giri kardan pay-giri kardan to follow, to follow up, to go after, to persist پی‌گیری کردن پی‌گیری کردن
tahmil kardan tahmil kardan to impose تحمیل کردن تحمیل کردن
tazakkor dādan tazakkor dādan to remind, to caution تذکر دادن تذکر دادن
tasādof kardan tasādof kardan to collide (with), to crash (into), to get into an accident تصادف کردن تصادف کردن
taghib kardan ta`qib kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase, to prosecute, to sue تعقیب کردن تعقیب کردن
tane zadan tane zadan to bump (against), to hit, to jostle تنه زدن تنه زدن
towhin kardan tawhin kardan to insult, to offend; obs. to bring down, to weaken توهین کردن توهین کردن
tigh zadan tigh zadan to strike with a sword; fig. to milk, to swindle تیغ زدن تیغ زدن
jelow-ye kasi istādan jelaw-e kasi istādan to confront someone جلو کسی ایستادن جلو کسی ایستادن
jelo-giri kardan jelaw-giri kardan to prevent, to keep; colloq. to be using birth control جلوگیری کردن جلوگیری کردن
hāl-e kasi ro gereftan hāl-e kasi rā gereftan fig. to deflate حال کسی را گرفتن حال کسی را گرفتن
hers dādan hers dādan to annoy, to irritate حرص دادن حرص دادن
hasad bordan hasad bordan to become jealous, to envy حسد بردن حسد بردن
hamle kardan hamle kardan to attack, to assault, to charge, to strike حمله کردن حمله کردن
khāmush kardan khāmush kardan to turn off, to switch off, to extinguish, to suppress, to make quiet خاموش کردن خاموش کردن
kharāsh dādan kharāsh dādan to scratch, to scrape خراش دادن خراش دادن
dekhālat kardan dekhālat kardan to interfere, to mix, to introduce, to butt in دخالت کردن دخالت کردن
dard-e sar dādan dard-e sar dādan to annoy, to give trouble دردسر دادن دردسر دادن
dorugh bāftan dorugh bāftan to fabricate lies, to lie دروغ بافتن دروغ بافتن
dorugh goftan dorugh goftan to lie, to deceive دروغ گفتن دروغ گفتن
dast andākhtan dast andākhtan to place one's hand somewhere; colloq. to tease, to pull (someone's) leg دست انداختن دست انداختن
da`vā kardan da`vā kardan to quarrel, to act belligerently, to litigate دعوا کردن دعوا کردن
delkhor kardan delkhor kardan to offend دلخور کردن دلخور کردن
damar kardan damar kardan to upturn, to make lie face down دمر کردن دمر کردن
dombāl umadan donbāl āmadan to come after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال آمدن دمبال اومدن
dombāl raftan donbāl raftan to go after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال رفتن دمبال رفتن
dombāl kardan donbāl kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال کردن دمبال کردن
do-be-ham-zani kardan do-be-ham-zani kardan colloq. fig. to create a rift between two people, to set people against one another, to cause enmity, to cause discord دوبه‌هم‌زنی کردن دوبه‌هم‌زنی کردن
rāh-peimāi kardan rāh-paymāi kardan to hike, to walk, to trek, to stroll, to march راهپیمایی کردن راهپیمایی کردن
ru-be-ru shodan ru-be-ru shodan to be faced (with), to face, to be up (against), to come face to face (with) روبرو شدن روبرو شدن
ru-be-ru kardan ru-be-ru kardan to bring face-to-face, to cause a confrontation روبرو کردن روبرو کردن
rishe-kan kardan rishe-kan kardan to uproot, to eradicate, to exterminate ریشه‌کن کردن ریشه‌کن کردن
zur be-kār bordan zur be-kār bordan to use force, to force زور بکار بردن زور بکار بردن
sad kardan sadd kardan to block, to blockade, to obstruct, to bar سد کردن سد کردن
sar kardan sar kardan to put on the head, to wear, to spend time, to live (with), to get along (with), to tolerate, to endure, to make do, to lower one's head, to stick one's head (into), to rebel, to let out (shout, wail), to start doing an (often long-lasting) activity سر کردن سر کردن
sar be sar gozāshtan sar be sar gozāshtan to tease, to bother, to harrass, to annoy سربه‌سر گذاشتن سربه‌سر گذاشتن
  sar-kub kardan fig. to suppress, to oppress, to crush سرکوب کردن  
sang pish-e pā andākhtan sang pish-e pā andākhtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage سنگ پیش پا انداختن سنگ پیش پا انداختن
sang jelow-ye pā andākhtan sang jelaw-e pā andākhtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage سنگ جلو پا انداختن سنگ جلو پا انداختن
sang jelow-ye pā gozāshtan sang jelaw-e pā gozāshtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage, to thwart سنگ جلو پا گذاشتن سنگ جلو پا گذاشتن
sang tu rāh gozāshtan sang dar rāh gozāshtan fig. to create hurdles, to sabotage, to thwart سنگ در راه گذاشتن سنگ تو راه گذاشتن
sho`ār dādan she`ār dādan to shout slogans, to talk without acting شعار دادن شعار دادن
shefā`at kardan shafā`at kardan to intercede, to mediate, to advocate شفاعت کردن شفاعت کردن
shekast dādan shekast dādan to defeat شکست دادن شکست دادن
shekanje dādan shekanje dādan to torture, to torment, to agonize شکنجه دادن شکنجه دادن
shelik kardan shelik kardan to fire a gun, to shoot شلیک کردن شلیک کردن
zolm kardan zolm kardan to tyranize, to persecute, to treat with injustice, to act cruelly ظلم کردن ظلم کردن
ghāleb umadan ghāleb āmadan to overcome, to triumph, to win, to become victorious غالب آمدن غالب اومدن
ghāleb shodan ghāleb shodan to triumph, to defeat غالب شدن غالب شدن
ghalabe dāshtan ghalabe dāshtan to get the better of, to dominate, to triumph غلبه داشتن غلبه داشتن
ghalabe kardan ghalabe kardan to overcome, to overpower; obs. to shout غلبه کردن غلبه کردن
fetne angikhtan fetne angikhtan to make mischief, to incite, to cause sedition فتنه انگیختن فتنه انگیختن
fetne kardan fetne kardan to make mischief, to stir up trouble, to cause sedition, to intrigue فتنه کردن فتنه کردن
farār dādan farār dādan to scare away, to cause to flee فرار دادن فرار دادن
farār kardan farār kardan to escape, to flee, to flee, to vamoose, to escape, to absent, to run away فرار کردن فرار کردن
farāri dādan farāri dādan to scare away, to cause to flee فراری دادن فراری دادن
farāri shodan farāri shodan to escape, to flee, to escape, to hide out, to absent, to decamp فراری شدن فراری شدن
foru neshastan foru neshastan to subside, to settle down, to sink فرو نشستن فرو نشستن
feshār āvordan feshār āvardan to apply pressure, to press فشار آوردن فشار آوردن
fozuli kardan fozuli kardan to meddle, to pry, to butt in, to be nosy, to be a busybody فضولی کردن فضولی کردن
ghadeghan kardan qadeghan kardan to forbid, to prohibit, to bar; obs. to order, to command قدغن کردن قدغن کردن
ghasd dāshtan qasd dāshtan to intend, to plan, to aim قصد داشتن قصد داشتن
kalanjār raftan kalanjār raftan colloq. fig. to wrestle, to spar, to grapple, to bicker, to squabble کلنجار رفتن کلنجار رفتن
kine varzidan kine varzidan to be vengeful, to hate کینه ورزیدن کینه ورزیدن
gāz gereftan gāz gereftan to bite گاز گرفتن گاز گرفتن
gush-māli dādan gush-māli dādan to castigate, to chastise, to punish, to discipline گوش‌مالی دادن گوش‌مالی دادن
latme khordan latme khordan to suffer damage, to receive a blow, to get hurt, to become marred لطمه خوردن لطمه خوردن
latme zadan latme zadan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه زدن لطمه زدن
latme vāred kardan latme vāred kardan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه وارد کردن لطمه وارد کردن
motevāri shodan motavāri shodan to run away, to flee, to escape; obs. to hide out متواری شدن متواری شدن
modākhele kardan modākhele kardan to interfere, to interevene, to intrude, to meddle, to butt in مداخله کردن مداخله کردن
masmum kardan masmum kardan to poison مسموم کردن مسموم کردن
movāje shodan movāje shodan to face, to come up against مواجه شدن مواجه شدن
mowred-e hamle qarār dādan mawred-e hamle qarār dādan to subject to attack, to attack مورد حمله قرار دادن مورد حمله قرار دادن
nā-rāhat shodan nā-rāhat shodan to be uncomfortable, to get upset, to be saddened, to become unwell ناراحت شدن ناراحت شدن
nā-kām kardan nā-kām kardan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام کردن ناکام کردن
nā-kām gozāshtan na-kām gozāshtan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام گذاشتن ناکام گذاشتن
naghsh bar āb kardan naqsh-e bar āb kardan fig. to foil, to ruin, to spoil, to upset, to undo, to nullify نقش بر آب کردن نقش بر آب کردن
vāred kardan vāred kardan to import, to bring in, to enter, to inflict, to inform وارد کردن وارد کردن
hol dādan hol dādan to shove, to push, to jostle; fig. to nudge (someone) in the right direction هل دادن هل دادن