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Transcription English Translation Perso-Arabic Script
spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
edde`ā kardan edde`ā kardan to claim, to boast, to allege, to litigate ادعا کردن ادعا کردن
ez`ān dāshtan ez`ān dāshtan to admit, to acknowledge, to confess اذعان داشتن اذعان داشتن
az ghalam andākhtan az qalam andākhtan to omit, to leave out از قلم انداختن از قلم انداختن
  ezhār dāshtan lit. to declare, to state اظهار داشتن  
ezhār kardan ezhār kardan to declare, to state, to express اظهار کردن اظهار کردن
e`lām kardan e`lām kardan to announce, to report, to advertize اعلام کردن اعلام کردن
bā kalamāt bāzi kardan bā kalamāt bāzi kardan to play with words با کلمات بازی کردن با کلمات بازی کردن
bā`es budan bā`es budan to cause, to occasion, to effect, to effect, to bring about باعث بودن باعث بودن
bāes shodan bā`es shodan to cause, to occasion, to effect, to effect, to bring about باعث شدن باعث شدن
be zabān āvordan be zabān āvardan to mention, to cause to speak به زبان آوردن به زبان آوردن
be nazar umadan be nazar āmadan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر آمدن به نظر اومدن
be nazar residan be nazar residan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر رسیدن به نظر رسیدن
be yād āvordan be yād āvardan to remind به یاد آوردن به یاد آوردن
be-ham rikhtan be-ham rikhtan to become mixed together, to become dissolved, to fall apart, to fall upon one another, to fall into disorder, to pour together, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم ریختن به‌هم ریختن
be-ham zadan be-ham zadan to beat together, to mix up, to get together; fig. to come up with, to find, to upset, to cancel, to disrupt, to cause to fall into disorder به‌هم زدن به‌هم زدن
bayān kardan bayān kardan to express, to indicate, to state, to explain بیان کردن بیان کردن
pā dar miuni kardan pā dar miāni kardan colloq. fig. to go between, to intercede, to intervene, to mediate, to arbitrate پا در میانی کردن پا در میونی کردن
pāsokh dādan pāsokh dādan to answer پاسخ دادن پاسخ دادن
pech-pech kardan pech-pech kardan to whisper پچ‌پچ کردن پچ‌پچ کردن
porsesh kardan porsesh kardan to ask, to inquire پرسش کردن پرسش کردن
posht-e pā khordan posht-e pā khordan to trip, to stumble, to have an accident; fig. to be tripped up پشت‌ِپا خوردن پشت‌ِپا خوردن
puzesh khāstan puzesh khāstan to seek forgiveness, to apologize پوزش خواستن پوزش خواستن
pei bordan pay bordan to find out, to figure out, to discover, to become aware of, to notice, to perceive, to perceive, to understand پی بردن پی بردن
tāyp kardan tāyp kardan to type تایپ کردن تایپ کردن
ta'kid dāshtan ta'kid dāshtan to have an emphasis (on), to emphasize تأکید داشتن تأکید داشتن
ta'kid kardan ta'kid kardan to stress, to emphasize, to affirm تأکید کردن تأکید کردن
ta'ammol kardan ta'ammol kardan to think, to reflect, to deliberate, to pause تأمل کردن تأمل کردن
tajzie kardan tajzie kardan to analyze, to to examine, to test, to break down تجزیه کردن تجزیه کردن
tajzie-o tahlil kardan tajzie-o tahlil kardan to analyze, to perform an analysis تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن
tahlil kardan tahlil kardan to analyze, to investigate, to break down تحلیل کردن تحلیل کردن
tazakkor dādan tazakkor dādan to remind, to caution تذکر دادن تذکر دادن
tarjome shodan tarjome shodan to become translated, to be translated ترجمه شدن ترجمه شدن
tarjome kardan tarjome kardan to translate ترجمه کردن ترجمه کردن
tashrih kardan tashrih kardan to describe, to explain, to analyze تشریح کردن تشریح کردن
tazmin kardan tazmin kardan to guarantee, to guarantee, to undertake, to warrant, to certify; lit. to make a poetical insertion تضمین کردن تضمین کردن
tabir kardan ta`bir kardan to interpret, to explain, to construct تعبیر کردن تبیر کردن
tarif kardan ta`rif kardan to describe, to praise, to explain تعریف کردن تعریف کردن
tafsir kardan tafsir kardan to explain, to explicate, to interpret, to give commentary تفسیر کردن تفسیر کردن
tekrār kardan tekrār kardan to repeat تکرار کردن تکرار کردن
talaffoz kardan talaffoz kardan to pronounce, to utter, to enunciate, to sound تلفظ کردن تلفظ کردن
talaghghi shodan talaqqi shodan to be considered (as), to be considered (as) تلقی شدن تلقی شدن
talaghghi kardan talaqqi kardan to regard (as), to interpret (as) تلقی کردن تلقی کردن
toji kardan tawjih kardan to justify, to explain away, to explain توجیه کردن توجی کردن
tosif kardan tawsif kardan to describe توصیف کردن توصیف کردن
tozi dādan tawzih dādan to explain توضیح دادن توضی دادن
sābet kardan sābet kardan to prove, to establish, to fix, to stabilize ثابت کردن ثابت کردن
jenās āvardan jenās āvardan to pun جناس آوردن جناس آوردن
javāb pas dādan javāb pas dādan to answer, to have an answer (for), to be answerable, to be accountable جواب پس دادن جواب پس دادن
javāb dādan javāb dādan to answer جواب دادن جواب دادن
chāp zadan chāp zadan to print; colloq. fig. to make up stories, to tell lies چاپ زدن چاپ زدن
hāki budan hāki budan to be indicative (of), to indicate, to show حاکی بودن حاکی بودن
harf zadan harf zadan to talk حرف زدن حرف زدن
hekāyat kardan hekāyat kardan to recount, to tell a story, to describe حکایت کردن حکایت کردن
halāji kardan halāji kardan to gin, to card, to comb; fig. to analyze, to analyze, to examine, to scrutinize, to assess حلاجی کردن حلاجی کردن
khabar dādan khabar dādan to report, to announce, to notify, to speak, to fill in خبر دادن خبر دادن
kholāse kardan kholāse kardan to summarize خلاصه کردن خلاصه کردن
khosh-o-besh kardan khosh-o-besh kardan to make conversation, to make small-talk, to chat, to exchange pleasantries خوش‌وبش کردن خوش‌وبش کردن
dar bar dāshtan dar bar dāshtan to comprise, to entail, to wear در بر داشتن در بر داشتن
dar-e gushi sohbat kardan dar-e gushi sohbat kardan to whisper در گوشی صحبت کردن در گوشی صحبت کردن
dark kardan dark kardan to apprehend, to catch, to perceive, to perceive, to realize, to realize, to understand, to sympathize درک کردن درک کردن
dorugh bāftan dorugh bāftan to fabricate lies, to lie دروغ بافتن دروغ بافتن
dorugh goftan dorugh goftan to lie, to deceive دروغ گفتن دروغ گفتن
dast dādan dast dādan to shake hands; fig. to present itself (opportunity), to come about, to join, to lend itself to, to be useful; colloq. to deal (cards); obs. fig. to be produced, to become possible, to dominate, to hand دست دادن دست دادن
da`vi kardan da`vi kardan to claim, to exaggerate دعوی کردن دعوی کردن
zek kardan zekr kardan to mention, to mention, to cite, to quote, to say, to say, to speak, to allude, to tell, to say rosary prayers, to chant ذکر کردن ذک کردن
ru āvordan ru āvardan to turn (to), to direct one's attention (to), to take up, to resort (to), to appeal (to) رو آوردن رو آوردن
ru-be-ru kardan ru-be-ru kardan to bring face-to-face, to cause a confrontation روبرو کردن روبرو کردن
zer zadan zer zadan to jabber; colloq.vulg. to talk nonsense, to cry زر زدن زر زدن
soāl porsidan soāl porsidan to ask a question سؤال پرسیدن سؤال پرسیدن
soāl dāshtan soāl dāshtan to have a question سؤال داشتن سؤال داشتن
soāl kardan soāl kardan to ask, to inquire, to question سؤال کردن سؤال کردن
sepās-gozāri kardan sepās-gozāri kardan to thank سپاس‌گزاری کردن سپاس‌گزاری کردن
sokhan goftan sokhan goftan to talk, to converse, to discuss سخن گفتن سخن گفتن
sar dādan sar dādan to release, to let out, to suddenly start doing an (often long-lasting) activity, to show up new, to make a payment on top of another, to give up one's life (for) سر دادن سر دادن
sar kardan sar kardan to put on the head, to wear, to spend time, to live (with), to get along (with), to tolerate, to endure, to make do, to lower one's head, to stick one's head (into), to rebel, to let out (shout, wail), to start doing an (often long-lasting) activity سر کردن سر کردن
sharh dādan sharh dādan to describe, to explain, to expound شرح دادن شرح دادن
sharh-o bast dādan sharh-o bast dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وبست دادن شرح‌وبست دادن
sharh-o tafsil dādan sharh-o tafsil dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وتفصیل دادن شرح‌وتفصیل دادن
sho`ār dādan she`ār dādan to shout slogans, to talk without acting شعار دادن شعار دادن
shomāre gereftan shemāre gereftan to dial a (telephone) number شماره گرفتن شماره گرفتن
shukhi kardan shukhi kardan to joke, to jest شوخی کردن شوخی کردن
sāder shodan sāder shodan to be issued, to be exported; obs. to come forth صادر شدن صادر شدن
sāder kardan sāder kardan to issue, to export, to put out, to emit, to issue صادر کردن صادر کردن
sobat kardan sohbat kardan to talk, to converse; obs. to associate (with) صحبت کردن صبت کردن
sedā kardan sedā kardan to call out (to), to address, to make a sound, to echo صدا کردن صدا کردن
zamime kardan zamime kardan to attach, to join, to enclose ضمیمه کردن ضمیمه کردن
tanin-andāz shodan tanin-andāz shodan to echo, to ring, to resonate, to sound طنین‌انداز شدن طنین‌انداز شدن
ghāleb umadan ghāleb āmadan to overcome, to triumph, to win, to become victorious غالب آمدن غالب اومدن
ghāleb shodan ghāleb shodan to triumph, to defeat غالب شدن غالب شدن
fek kardan fekr kardan to think, to reflect, to suppose, believe, to conceptualize, to visualize, to think, to intend فکر کردن فک کردن
ghāel budan qāel budan to believe, to be a believer قائل بودن قائل بودن
ghāel shodan qāel shodan to believe, to be a believer قائل شدن قائل شدن
ghabul dāshtan qabul dāshtan to believe, to acknowledge, to recognize, to accept قبول داشتن قبول داشتن
ghabul kardan qabul kardan to accept, to take, to undertake, to agree, to admit, to concede قبول کردن قبول کردن
  qadr-dāni kardan to appreciate, to acknowledge, to thank قدردانی کردن  
ghesse goftan qesse goftan to tell a story قصه گفتن قصه گفتن
ghat shodan qat` shodan to be cut, to get disconnected قطع شدن قط شدن
ghat kardan qat` kardan to cut, to interrupt, to amputate, to crop قطع کردن قط کردن
ketmān kardan ketmān kardan to conceal, to deny, to disavow کتمان کردن کتمان کردن
kenār gozāshtan kenār gozāshtan to set aside, to reserve, to earmark; fig. to give up, to renounce, to leave, to give up, to give up, to relinquish, to kick out, to expel, to get rid of, to put aside, to remove, to sideline, to ignore کنار گذاشتن کنار گذاشتن
gozāresh shodan gozāresh shodan to be reported گزارش شدن گزارش شدن
gazāf goftan gazāf goftan to exaggerate گزاف گفتن گزاف گفتن
goft-o shonud kardan goft-o shonud kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss گفت‌و شنود کردن گفت‌و شنود کردن
gofte shodan gofte shodan to be said گفته شدن گفته شدن
gomān kardan gomān kardan to believe, to suspect, to doubt, to speculate گمان کردن گمان کردن
gush dādan gush dādan to listen, to obey گوش دادن گوش دادن
gush kardan gush kardan to listen, to obey گوش کردن گوش کردن
gush-māli dādan gush-māli dādan to castigate, to chastise, to punish, to discipline گوش‌مالی دادن گوش‌مالی دادن
motevajjeh shodan motavajjeh shodan to notice, to notice, to realize, to perceive, to perceive, to understand, to realize, to register, to concentrate, to look متوجه شدن متوجه شدن
motevajjeh kardan motavajjeh kardan to call attention, to signal, to signalize, to motion, to communicate, to notify, to inform, to warn, to alert متوجه کردن متوجه کردن
masal zadan masal zadan to give an example, to cite an example مثل زدن مثل زدن
mohāvere kardan mohāvere kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss محاوره کردن محاوره کردن
marbut budan marbut budan to concern, to regard, to be related مربوط بودن مربوط بودن
matrah kardan matrah kardan to bring up, to put on the table مطرح کردن مطرح کردن
mazerat khāstan ma`zerat khāstan to apologize, to seek pardon, to excuse oneself معذرت خواستن مذرت خواستن
montaghel kardan montaqel kardan to transfer, to move, to shift, to transmit منتقل کردن منتقل کردن
manfi-bāfi kardan manfi-bāfi kardan to by cynical, to be pessimistic, to speak in negative terms منفی‌بافی کردن منفی‌بافی کردن
mowred-e goft-o-gu qarār dādan mawred-e goft-o-gu qarār dādan to subject to discussion, to put up for debate مورد گفت‌وگو دادن مورد گفت‌وگو دادن
nasib shodan nasib shodan to befall, to be the destiny (of), to be one's lot نصیب شدن نصیب شدن
vā-konesh kardan vā-konesh kardan to react واکنش کردن واکنش کردن
vā-konesh neshun dādan vā-konesh neshān dādan to react واکنش نشان دادن واکنش نشون دادن
hejji kardan hejji kardan to spell out, to read out syllable-by-syllable, to sound out words, to enunciate each syllable هجی کردن هجی کردن
haziun goftan hazyān goftan to speak incoherently, to speak deliriously, to speak nonsense هذیان گفتن هذیون گفتن
ham-rāh kardan ham-rāh kardan to send along, to include, to attach, to set alongside; fig. to bring into the fold, to bring around هم‌راه کردن هم‌راه کردن
yād kardan yād kardan to recall, to mention, to remember, to pay a visit یاد کردن یاد کردن
yād-āvar shodan yād-āvar shodan to remind یاد‌آور شدن یاد‌آور شدن
yād-āvari kardan yād-āvari kardan to remind یادآوری کردن یادآوری کردن
yaghin dāshtan yaqin dāshtan to be certain, to be sure یقین داشتن یقین داشتن