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Transcription English Translation Perso-Arabic Script
spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
āgāh budan āgāh budan to be aware, to be informed, to be awake آگاه بودن آگاه بودن
ehāte dāshtan ehāte dāshtan to have command (of), to have mastery (in), to be well versed (in), to be proficient (in) احاطه داشتن احاطه داشتن
ehsās kardan ehsās kardan to feel احساس کردن احساس کردن
az khāter raftan az khāter raftan to fade from memory, to be forgotten از خاطر رفتن از خاطر رفتن
az ghalam andākhtan az qalam andākhtan to omit, to leave out از قلم انداختن از قلم انداختن
esteghbāl kardan esteqbāl kardan to greet, to welcome استقبال کردن استقبال کردن
enteghāl dādan enteqāl dādan to transfer, to transfer, to remove, to shift, to transmit, to transpose, to convey, to communicate, to teach انتقال دادن انتقال دادن
ijād kardan ijād kardan to create, to make, to cause ایجاد کردن ایجاد کردن
bā kalamāt bāzi kardan bā kalamāt bāzi kardan to play with words با کلمات بازی کردن با کلمات بازی کردن
bahs kardan bahs kardan to discuss, to debate, to dispute بحث کردن بحث کردن
  bar shomordan to enumerate بر شمردن  
bar-resi kardan bar-rasi kardan to examine, to examine, to assess, to consider, to peruse, to scrutinize, to scrutinize, to probe, to investigate, inquire into, to explore, to inspect بررسی کردن بررسی کردن
barnāme-rizi kardan barnāme-rizi kardan to plan, to organize برنامه‌ریزی کردن برنامه‌ریزی کردن
balad budan balad budan to know, to know how بلد بودن بلد بودن
  be khāter sepordan to memorize به خاطر سپردن  
be zabān āvordan be zabān āvardan to mention, to cause to speak به زبان آوردن به زبان آوردن
  be farāmushi sepordan to forget به فراموشی سپردن  
be fekr budan be fekr budan to be thinking (of) به فکر بودن به فکر بودن
be yād āvordan be yād āvardan to remind به یاد آوردن به یاد آوردن
be-kār bordan be-kār bordan to use به‌کار بردن به‌کار بردن
bayān kardan bayān kardan to express, to indicate, to state, to explain بیان کردن بیان کردن
bidār shodan bidār shodan to wake up بیدار شدن بیدار شدن
bidār kardan bidār kardan to wake up someone بیدار کردن بیدار کردن
pā dar miuni kardan pā dar miāni kardan colloq. fig. to go between, to intercede, to intervene, to mediate, to arbitrate پا در میانی کردن پا در میونی کردن
pāsokh dādan pāsokh dādan to answer پاسخ دادن پاسخ دادن
porsesh kardan porsesh kardan to ask, to inquire پرسش کردن پرسش کردن
parvaresh dādan parvaresh dādan to foster, to nourish, to train پرورش دادن پرورش دادن
pazhuhesh kardan pezhuhesh kardan to research, to research, to search, to investigate, to inquire پژوهش کردن پژوهش کردن
posht-e pā khordan posht-e pā khordan to trip, to stumble, to have an accident; fig. to be tripped up پشت‌ِپا خوردن پشت‌ِپا خوردن
pei bordan pay bordan to find out, to figure out, to discover, to become aware of, to notice, to perceive, to perceive, to understand پی بردن پی بردن
pei gereftan pay gereftan to pursue, to search (for), to keep after, to track down پی گرفتن پی گرفتن
pei-giri shodan pay-giri shodan to be followed-up, to be looked into, to be investigated پی‌گیری شدن پی‌گیری شدن
pei-giri kardan pay-giri kardan to follow, to follow up, to go after, to persist پی‌گیری کردن پی‌گیری کردن
tāyp kardan tāyp kardan to type تایپ کردن تایپ کردن
ta'ammol kardan ta'ammol kardan to think, to reflect, to deliberate, to pause تأمل کردن تأمل کردن
tatabbo` kardan tatabbo` kardan lit. to research, to research, to search, to investigate تتبع کردن تتبع کردن
tajzie kardan tajzie kardan to analyze, to to examine, to test, to break down تجزیه کردن تجزیه کردن
tajzie-o tahlil kardan tajzie-o tahlil kardan to analyze, to perform an analysis تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن تجزیه‌وتحلیل کردن
tasi kardan tashih kardan to correct, to edit, to revise, to proofread, to check, to amend, to authenticate تصحیح کردن تصی کردن
tasavvor kardan tasavvor kardan to imagine, to picture, to suppose تصور کردن تصور کردن
tafakkor kardan tafakkor kardan to cogitate, to reflect, to meditate تفکر کردن تفکر کردن
toji kardan tawjih kardan to justify, to explain away, to explain توجیه کردن توجی کردن
tozi dādan tawzih dādan to explain توضیح دادن توضی دادن
towlid kardan tawlid kardan to create, to create, to create, to produce, to bring about, to produce, to produce, to generate, to generate, to produce تولید کردن تولید کردن
sobāt dāshtan sabāt dāshtan to be steady, to exhibit constancy, to remain steadfast ثبات داشتن ثبات داشتن
jenās āvardan jenās āvardan to pun جناس آوردن جناس آوردن
hāli shodan hāli shodan to understand, to realize, to dawn, to apprehend, to comprehend, to find out, to catch on حالی شدن حالی شدن
hads zadan hads zadan to guess حدس زدن حدس زدن
hesāb kardan hesāb kardan to count, to compute, to reckon, to take into account, to expect, to count (on) حساب کردن حساب کردن
khabar dāshtan khabar dāshtan to be informed, to have news (of), to know (of), to be aware (of), to have a clue خبر داشتن خبر داشتن
kholāse kardan kholāse kardan to summarize خلاصه کردن خلاصه کردن
khiyāl kardan khiāl kardan to think, to suppose, to imagine, to presume, to believe خیال کردن خیال کردن
dark kardan dark kardan to apprehend, to catch, to perceive, to perceive, to realize, to realize, to understand, to sympathize درک کردن درک کردن
dar-ham rikhtan dar-ham rikhtan to throw into confusion, to throw into disorder, to scramble درهم ریختن درهم ریختن
daryāft kardan daryāft kardan to receive, to get, to perceive, to understand دریافت کردن دریافت کردن
dombāl kardan donbāl kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال کردن دمبال کردن
zek kardan zekr kardan to mention, to mention, to cite, to quote, to say, to say, to speak, to allude, to tell, to say rosary prayers, to chant ذکر کردن ذک کردن
raf-e naghs kardan raf`-e naqs kardan to remedy; comp. to debug رفع نقص کردن رف نقص کردن
ru āvordan ru āvardan to turn (to), to direct one's attention (to), to take up, to resort (to), to appeal (to) رو آوردن رو آوردن
zir-e bār raftan zir-e bār raftan to give in, to bow under pressure, to be brought to one's knees, to accept, to be persuaded (to) زیر بار رفتن زیر بار رفتن
soāl porsidan soāl porsidan to ask a question سؤال پرسیدن سؤال پرسیدن
soāl dāshtan soāl dāshtan to have a question سؤال داشتن سؤال داشتن
soāl kardan soāl kardan to ask, to inquire, to question سؤال کردن سؤال کردن
sokhan goftan sokhan goftan to talk, to converse, to discuss سخن گفتن سخن گفتن
sar dar āvordan sar dar āvardan to pop up, to come out, to appear, to figure out, to get سر در آوردن سر در آوردن
sowgh dādan sawq dādan to push in a certain direction, to pull (towards), to steer, to guide سوق دادن سوق دادن
shāhed budan shāhed budan to witness شاهد بودن شاهد بودن
sharh dādan sharh dādan to describe, to explain, to expound شرح دادن شرح دادن
sharh-o bast dādan sharh-o bast dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وبست دادن شرح‌وبست دادن
sharh-o tafsil dādan sharh-o tafsil dādan to describe, to explain, to expound, to give a detailed account شرح‌وتفصیل دادن شرح‌وتفصیل دادن
shatranj bāzi kardan shatranj bāzi kardan to play chess شطرنج بازی کردن شطرنج بازی کردن
sho`ār dādan she`ār dādan to shout slogans, to talk without acting شعار دادن شعار دادن
shenāsāi kardan shenāsāi kardan to identify شناسایی کردن شناسایی کردن
sobat kardan sohbat kardan to talk, to converse; obs. to associate (with) صحبت کردن صبت کردن
sarf kardan sarf kardan to conjugate (verbs), to inflect, to expend, to use, to consume; pol. to eat, to drink صرف کردن صرف کردن
zamime kardan zamime kardan to attach, to join, to enclose ضمیمه کردن ضمیمه کردن
avazi gereftan `avazi gereftan colloq. to mistake, to confuse عوضی گرفتن عوضی گرفتن
einak zadan `aynak zadan to put on glasses, to put on spectacles عینک زدن عینک زدن
farāmush kardan farāmush kardan to forget, to banish from thought فراموش کردن فراموش کردن
foru neshundan foru neshāndan to put out, to settle, to relieve فرو نشاندن فرو نشوندن
fek kardan fekr kardan to think, to reflect, to suppose, believe, to conceptualize, to visualize, to think, to intend فکر کردن فک کردن
ghabul kardan qabul kardan to accept, to take, to undertake, to agree, to admit, to concede قبول کردن قبول کردن
ghesse goftan qesse goftan to tell a story قصه گفتن قصه گفتن
kāvosh kardan kāvesh kardan to search, to seek, to explore, to investigate, to excavate, to dig up, to dig, to excavate, to excavate, to burrow, to probe, to examine, to investigate کاوش کردن کاوش کردن
ketāb khundan ketāb khāndan to read, to read books کتاب خواندن کتاب خوندن
kenār gozāshtan kenār gozāshtan to set aside, to reserve, to earmark; fig. to give up, to renounce, to leave, to give up, to give up, to relinquish, to kick out, to expel, to get rid of, to put aside, to remove, to sideline, to ignore کنار گذاشتن کنار گذاشتن
goft-o shonud kardan goft-o shonud kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss گفت‌و شنود کردن گفت‌و شنود کردن
goft-o gu kardan goft-o gu kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss; obs. to bad-mouth گفت‌و گو کردن گفت‌و گو کردن
gofte shodan gofte shodan to be said گفته شدن گفته شدن
gomān kardan gomān kardan to believe, to suspect, to doubt, to speculate گمان کردن گمان کردن
latme zadan latme zadan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه زدن لطمه زدن
latme vāred kardan latme vāred kardan to damage, to hurt, to prejudice, to compromise لطمه وارد کردن لطمه وارد کردن
motevajjeh budan motavajjeh budan to be directed (at), to be focused, to be attentive, to get, to understand متوجه بودن متوجه بودن
motevajjeh shodan motavajjeh shodan to notice, to notice, to realize, to perceive, to perceive, to understand, to realize, to register, to concentrate, to look متوجه شدن متوجه شدن
motevajjeh kardan motavajjeh kardan to call attention, to signal, to signalize, to motion, to communicate, to notify, to inform, to warn, to alert متوجه کردن متوجه کردن
masal zadan masal zadan to give an example, to cite an example مثل زدن مثل زدن
mohāsebe kardan mohāsebe kardan to calculate, to compute محاسبه کردن محاسبه کردن
mohāvere kardan mohāvere kardan to talk, to converse, to discuss محاوره کردن محاوره کردن
nā-kām shodan nā-kām shodan to die young, to fail, to be unfulfilled; fig. to wither on the vine ناکام شدن ناکام شدن
nā-kām kardan nā-kām kardan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام کردن ناکام کردن
nā-kām gozāshtan na-kām gozāshtan to kill (a young person), to foil, to stymie, to frustrate, to sabotage, to prevent from reaching full potential ناکام گذاشتن ناکام گذاشتن
naghsh bar āb kardan naqsh-e bar āb kardan fig. to foil, to ruin, to spoil, to upset, to undo, to nullify نقش بر آب کردن نقش بر آب کردن
vā-konesh neshun dādan vā-konesh neshān dādan to react واکنش نشان دادن واکنش نشون دادن
hosh dāshtan hosh dāshtan lit. to be conscious, to be aware, to be awake هش داشتن هش داشتن
yād raftan yād raftan to forget یاد رفتن یاد رفتن
yaghin dāshtan yaqin dāshtan to be certain, to be sure یقین داشتن یقین داشتن
yaghin shodan yaqin shodan to become convinced, to become sure یقین شدن یقین شدن
yaghin kardan yaqin kardan to make sure, to ascertain, to become convinced یقین کردن یقین کردن
yek-pārche kardan yek-pārche kardan to consolidate, to coalesce, to integrate یکپارچه کردن یکپارچه کردن