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spoken written نوشتاری گفتاری
āb-be-āb shodan āb-be-āb shodan to feel sick after travel to a different climate, to die آب‌به‌آب شدن آب‌به‌آب شدن
edāme dādan edāme dādan to continue ادامه دادن ادامه دادن
ertefā dāshtan ertefā` dāshtan to be high, to have altitude ارتفاع داشتن ارتفا داشتن
az harekat oftādan az harakat oftādan to stop moving, to stop running, to stop working, to stop, to come to a stop از حرکت افتادن از حرکت افتادن
eski-ye sahrānavardi kardan eski-ye sahrānavardi kardan to cross-country ski, to do cross-country skiing اسکی صحرانوردی کردن اسکی صحرانوردی کردن
eski kardan eski kardan to ski, to go skiing اسکی کردن اسکی کردن
eghāmat dāshtan eqāmat dāshtan to stay, to dwell, to reside, to lodge, to put up, to live اقامت داشتن اقامت داشتن
eghāmat kardan eqāmat kardan to stay, to dwell, to reside, to lodge, to put up, to live اقامت کردن اقامت کردن
enteghāl dādan enteqāl dādan to transfer, to transfer, to remove, to shift, to transmit, to transpose, to convey, to communicate, to teach انتقال دادن انتقال دادن
vāystādan bāz istādan to stand, to stand up, to stop باز ایستادن وایستادن
bāz shodan bāz shodan to become open, to open, to become clear; comp. to load باز شدن باز شدن
vā kardan bāz kardan to open, to open up, to turn on, to switch on, to remove; fig. to take apart, to unpack, to unpackage; obs. to shave or cut (hair), to pluck (fruit), to prune, to shoo away, to dig, to destroy, to take out باز کردن وا کردن
bāz gardundan bāz gardāndan to return, to send back, to take back باز گرداندن باز گردوندن
bālā bordan bālā bordan to carry up, to lift, to raise, to elevate, to hoist; fig. colloq. to augment, to enhance, to upgrade, to increase, to escalate, to up بالا بردن بالا بردن
bālā raftan bālā raftan to rise, to climb, to increase بالا رفتن بالا رفتن
bar khāstan bar khāstan to stand up, to rise, to arise, to rise, to happen, to revolt بر خاستن بر خاستن
bar gashtan bar gashtan to return, to turn back, to turn around بر گشتن بر گشتن
be harekat dar umadan be harakat dar āmadan to begin moving, to start functioning, to start به حرکت در آمدن به حرکت در اومدن
  be harakat dar āvardan to put into motion, to start, to put into operation به حرکت در آوردن  
be safar raftan be safar raftan to go on a trip, to take a trip به سفر رفتن به سفر رفتن
be kasi yā chizi khordan be kasi yā chizi khordan to bump into, to hit against, to fall on, to suit به کسی یا چیزی خوردن به کسی یا چیزی خوردن
be nazar umadan be nazar āmadan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر آمدن به نظر اومدن
be nazar residan be nazar residan to come into view, to appear, to seem به نظر رسیدن به نظر رسیدن
be-sar bordan be-sar bordan to spend time, to live (in), to languish, to endure به‌سر بردن به‌سر بردن
birun umadan birun āmadan to come out, to come forth, to be published, to be produced بیرون آمدن بیرون اومدن
  birun paridan to jump out, to fly out بیرون پریدن  
birun zadan birun zadan to pop out, to make a sudden exit, to go outside بیرون زدن بیرون زدن
birun keshidan birun keshidan to pull out, to remove; obs. to go out بیرون کشیدن بیرون کشیدن
pāin āvordan pāin āvardan to bring down, to lower پایین آوردن پایین آوردن
part shodan part shodan to be tossed, to be sent flying پرت شدن پرت شدن
part kardan part kardan to toss, to send flying پرت کردن پرت کردن
partāb shodan partāb shodan to be thrown, to be shot, to be launched پرتاب شدن پرتاب شدن
posht-e pā khordan posht-e pā khordan to trip, to stumble, to have an accident; fig. to be tripped up پشت‌ِپا خوردن پشت‌ِپا خوردن
pei gereftan pay gereftan to pursue, to search (for), to keep after, to track down پی گرفتن پی گرفتن
piāde raftan piāde raftan to walk, to go on foot پیاده رفتن پیاده رفتن
piāde shodan piāde shodan to dismount, to disembark, to get off, to get out, to get down; colloq. fig. to be implemented, to be carried out پیاده شدن پیاده شدن
piāde kardan piāde kardan to unload, to let off (passengers), to dismantle, to disassemble, to overhaul, to carry out, to implement پیاده کردن پیاده کردن
pei-giri kardan pay-giri kardan to follow, to follow up, to go after, to persist پی‌گیری کردن پی‌گیری کردن
tark kardan tark kardan to renounce, to give up, to abandon, to leave, to leave, to give up, to give up, to give up, to relinquish, to renounce, to leave, to depart, to leave, to quit, to go away ترک کردن ترک کردن
taghib kardan ta`qib kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase, to prosecute, to sue تعقیب کردن تعقیب کردن
jā gozāshtan jā gozāshtan to leave behind, to forget, to outdistance, to leave some space, to skip a space, to indent جا گذاشتن جا گذاشتن
  jā-be-jā kardan to move, to shift, to reposition جابه‌جا کردن  
chādor zadan chādor zadan to pitch a tent, to put up a tent چادر زدن چادر زدن
chosh kardan chosh kardan to say 'whoa', to command a horse or livestock to halt چش کردن چش کردن
harekat dādan harakat dādan to move, to shift, to displace, to mobilize حرکت دادن حرکت دادن
harekat kardan harakat kardan to move, to start, to set out, to proceed, to leave; fig. to act حرکت کردن حرکت کردن
khārej shodan khārej shodan to go out, to exit, to emerge, to escape, to exude خارج شدن خارج شدن
dar pichidan dar pichidan to wrap up, to bundle up completely در پیچیدن در پیچیدن
dar raftan dar raftan to flee, to flee, to escape, to decamp, to absent, to run away, to escape, to detach, to dislocate, to go off, to break away; obs. to enter در رفتن در رفتن
  dar navardidan to traverse; obs. to ply, to leave behind در نوردیدن  
dombāl umadan donbāl āmadan to come after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال آمدن دمبال اومدن
dombāl oftādan donbāl oftādan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال افتادن دمبال افتادن
dombāl budan donbāl budan to follow, to seek, to seek, to want, to need, to want, to hunt دنبال بودن دمبال بودن
dombāl raftan donbāl raftan to go after, to search for, to call for, to pick up, to give a ride دنبال رفتن دمبال رفتن
dombāl kardan donbāl kardan to follow, to pursue, to chase دنبال کردن دمبال کردن
dombāl gashtan donbāl gashtan to search for, to be in search of, to be after, to want to obtain دنبال گشتن دمبال گشتن
  dur oftādan to become distant, to get separated, to remain apart, to be thrown away, to be discarded, to be abandoned; obs. to misunderstand دور افتادن  
rānandegi kardan rānandegi kardan to drive رانندگی کردن رانندگی کردن
rāh oftādan rāh oftādan to depart, to leave, to set out, to get going; fig. to get going, to start; colloq. fig. to get into, to flow راه افتادن راه افتادن
rāh andākhtan rāh andākhtan to put into motion, to start, to get running, to crank, to escort; fig. to commission, to raise funds, to set up, to prepare, to fix راه انداختن راه انداختن
  rāh paymudan to travel, to go راه پیمودن  
rāh dādan rāh dādan to let in, to allow through, to admit راه دادن راه دادن
rāh raftan rāh raftan to walk, to walk, to walk, to walk راه رفتن راه رفتن
rāh-peimāi kardan rāh-paymāi kardan to hike, to walk, to trek, to stroll, to march راهپیمایی کردن راهپیمایی کردن
ru kardan ru kardan to turn (to), to turn (towards), to face, to look (at) رو کردن رو کردن
  ravān shodan to proceed, to go, to run, to flow روان شدن  
ravāne shodan ravāne shodan to set out, to start, to leave (for), to proceed, to embark, to get going روانه شدن روانه شدن
  ravāne kardan to send, to send off, to set in motion, to dispatch, to dismiss روانه کردن  
ru-namā shodan ru-nemā shodan to appear, to become visible, to manifest itself رونما شدن رونما شدن
ru-namāy shodan ru-nemāy shodan to appear, to become visible, to manifest itself رونمای شدن رونمای شدن
ru-ye tormoz zadan ru-ye tormoz zadan to brake, to brake روی ترمز زدن روی ترمز زدن
zamin khordan zamin khordan to trip, to fall; colloq. to fare badly, to go down, to decline, to drop زمین خوردن زمین خوردن
soāl porsidan soāl porsidan to ask a question سؤال پرسیدن سؤال پرسیدن
soāl dāshtan soāl dāshtan to have a question سؤال داشتن سؤال داشتن
soāl kardan soāl kardan to ask, to inquire, to question سؤال کردن سؤال کردن
sabz shodan sabz shodan to turn green, to grow, to sprout; fig. to go green سبز شدن سبز شدن
  separi kardan to pass, to traverse سپری کردن  
sad kardan sadd kardan to block, to blockade, to obstruct, to bar سد کردن سد کردن
sor khordan sor khordan to slide, to slip, to skid, to glissade سر خوردن سر خوردن
sar dar āvordan sar dar āvardan to pop up, to come out, to appear, to figure out, to get سر در آوردن سر در آوردن
sar zadan sar zadan to pay a visit, to drop in, to pop in, to reach a mark, to hit with the head, to decapitate; fig. to dawn, to rise, to grow, to appear سر زدن سر زدن
sar kardan sar kardan to put on the head, to wear, to spend time, to live (with), to get along (with), to tolerate, to endure, to make do, to lower one's head, to stick one's head (into), to rebel, to let out (shout, wail), to start doing an (often long-lasting) activity سر کردن سر کردن
safar kardan safar kardan to travel, to take a trip, to go on a journey سفر کردن سفر کردن
savār shodan savār shodan to get on a horse, to mount, to get on, to climb aboard, to get in (vehicle), to board, to become installed; fig. to become predominant سوار شدن سوار شدن
savār kardan savār kardan to put on a horse, to mount, to take on board, to pick up (passengers), to install, to assemble, to erect; colloq. to plan, to manage, to stage-manage, to engineer سوار کردن سوار کردن
surtme-rāni kardan surtme-rāni kardan to sled, to drive a sled, to drive a sleigh سورتمه‌رانی کردن سورتمه‌رانی کردن
surtme-savāri kardan surtme-savāri kardan to sled, to go sledding, to go sleigh-riding سورتمه‌سواری کردن سورتمه‌سواری کردن
  siāhat kardan to travel, to explore, to journey, to tour سیاحت کردن  
shetāb kardan shetāb kardan to hurry, to make haste شتاب کردن شتاب کردن
shoru shodan shoru` shodan to start, to begin شروع شدن شرو شدن
shoru kardan shoru` kardan to begin شروع کردن شرو کردن
shallāgh khordan shallāq khordan to be whipped, to be flogged شلاق خوردن شلاق خوردن
shallāgh zadan shallāq zadan to whip, to flog شلاق زدن شلاق زدن
sholugh shodan sholugh shodan to become crowded, to become busy شلوغ شدن شلوغ شدن
shenā kardan shenā kardan to swim شنا کردن شنا کردن
shenāvari kardan shenāvari kardan to swim, to float شناوری کردن شناوری کردن
sobune khordan sobhāne khordan to eat breakfast صبحانه خوردن صبونه خوردن
sakhre-navardi kardan sakhre-navardi kardan to hike, to trek, to go bouldering, to mountain climb صخره‌نوردی کردن صخره‌نوردی کردن
tei kardan tayy kardan to pass, to traverse, to cover; colloq. fig. to reach an agreement on a price, to spend طی کردن طی کردن
āzem budan `āzem budan to be departing (for), to be setting out (for), to be bound (for), to be en route (to) عازم بودن عازم بودن
āzem shodan `āzem shodan to head (to), to set out (for) عازم شدن عازم شدن
aks gereftan `aks gereftan to take a photograph عکس گرفتن عکس گرفتن
farā residan farā residan to arrive, to descend فرا رسیدن فرا رسیدن
ghadam gozāshtan qadam gozāshtan to set foot (upon), to step قدم گذاشتن قدم گذاشتن
gharār budan qarār budan to be supposed (to), to be going (to), to be the plan (to) قرار بودن قرار بودن
gharār dāshtan qarār dāshtan to be located, to be set, to sit, to be at rest قرار داشتن قرار داشتن
gharār gereftan qarār gereftan to be located, to rest, to become established, to sit down, to settle, to settle, to be based on, to perch, to alight قرار گرفتن قرار گرفتن
ghasd dāshtan qasd dāshtan to intend, to plan, to aim قصد داشتن قصد داشتن
  kenār gozashtan to pass by کنار گذشتن  
gāz dādan gāz dādan to step on the gas, to give it some gas, to speed up گاز دادن گاز دادن
langar andākhtan langar andākhtan to cast anchor; fig. to stay, to sojourn, to stop لنگر انداختن لنگر انداختن
langar bar dāshtan langar bar dāshtan to weigh anchor; fig. to get moving, to leave, to flip لنگر بر داشتن لنگر بر داشتن
liz khordan liz khordan to slide, to skid, to stumble لیز خوردن لیز خوردن
motevāri shodan motavāri shodan to run away, to flee, to escape; obs. to hide out متواری شدن متواری شدن
motevaqqef shodan motavaqqef shodan to stop, to end متوقف شدن متوقف شدن
motevaqqef kardan motavaqqef kardan to stop, to end متوقف کردن متوقف کردن
masraf kardan masraf kardan to use, to consume, to eat, to spend مصرف کردن مصرف کردن
montaghel kardan montaqel kardan to transfer, to move, to shift, to transmit منتقل کردن منتقل کردن
navasān kardan navasān kardan to oscillate, to fluctuate نوسان کردن نوسان کردن
vāqe shodan vāqe` shodan to be located, to happen, to appear واقع شدن واقع شدن
vatan sākhtan vatan sākhtan to settle (in), to reside (in), to take up residence (in), to make one's permanent place of residence وطن ساختن وطن ساختن
hedāyat shodan hedāyat shodan to be guided, to be steered هدایت شدن هدایت شدن
hosh kardan hosh kardan onom. to say 'whoa', to command a horse or livestock to halt هش کردن هش کردن
hol dādan hol dādan to shove, to push, to jostle; fig. to nudge (someone) in the right direction هل دادن هل دادن
ham-rāh shodan ham-rāh shodan to travel (with), to go along (with), to join up (with), to fall in (with), to collaborate هم‌راه شدن هم‌راه شدن
ham-rāhi kardan ham-rāhi kardan to accompany, to collaborate; fig. to help هم‌راهی کردن هم‌راهی کردن
hei kardan hay kardan to shout 'giddyap', to command a horse or livestock to go forward, to urge on, to spur on; obs. to shout هی کردن هی کردن