Pathways to Proficiency

To address the need of more Americans with the linguistic and cultural proficiency to build strong bridges of understanding with the region, NMELRC has developed a plan to increase access to quality intensive study programs.

Research has demonstrated that success critically hinges on time on task. Intensive study, including a significant period of time in country, is both the solution and an incentive to attract more students to begin study of a Middle Eastern language and to push on to Advanced-level proficiency. Building on the considerable data that NMELRC is collecting on key programs and factors correlating with student success, we are working with partners to document the successes of these programs and work to increase funding for students to attend such programs. One key to doing so is in establishing a system for documenting program impact. NMELRC is working with Middle East NRCs and others who fund summer and abroad intensive study to use its tests and OPIs to collect pre- and post-program data on participating students. Programs are invited to voluntarily participate in a network of excellence, which will entail greater accountability and transparency.