Online Arabic Corpus

A posting from the Arabic Language and Linguist list
This is to announce a new version of the free online Arabic corpus access tool I have been developing. The new site has the following URL:

Note that it has only one c. First time users should register their e-mail address, and thereafter log in with that address. This new version is more designed than the former (, and it adds a number of features, the most important of which that it saves the results of the search in a database, so that you can move to different pages and different sortings and views with very little delay.
Other features include the ability to see references, and to access the entire context of a citation. The ability of the program to deal with embedded English has been improved, and corpora have been combined into natural groupings, allowing you to search more than one thing at once. However, of course, the more things you search at once, the longer your wait will be.
It is fairly easy to add electronic corpora to this tool, so if any of you have electronic versions of texts you would like to send in, I will try to accommodate them. I would like to have a collection of medieval texts, a collection of modern literature, and a collection of non-fiction prose that is also non-newspaper. This would allow users to make fast comparisons over time and over genre.
This tool can be used to find citations for lexicographical and scholarly purposes, but it was also designed with the advanced student of Arabic in mind. The hope is that teachers will be able to send students to this site with the instruction to find 5-10 good examples of a particular word, construction or idiom, and it will motivate the students to search about and discover the language on their own.
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