NMELRC Goals for Arabic

NMELRC works closely with AATA.  Members of the executive board of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA), serve on the NMELRC boards and link the center to the language field.  Together we aim to achieve the following goals:


  1. Seek to identify new and more effective ways to learn/teach ME languages - the wise use of technology being a cornerstone of its plans;
  2. Actively develop and disseminate new teaching/learning materials to address our field's greatest needs;
  3. Develop, use, and disseminate appropriate proficiency assessment measures that are reliable, efficient, and inexpensive;
  4. Train instructors to better address their students' needs by taking advantage of quality tools and more effective techniques;
  5. Assess national ME language needs, identify viable solutions, and work to implement these plans;
  6. Develop and disseminate materials designed for K-12 learners;
  7. Work to increase and improve advanced-level intensive summer language and study abroad programs and establish associated teacher training institutes.  In addition, NMELRC is committed to providing learners with the training and information that will better equip them to succeed in learning ME languages well.

For more information on AATA click here.