Bilingual Children's Books

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From the "About Milet" information:

"Milet, or Miletus, is a historical site on the Aegean coast of Turkey. In ancient times, Milet was the center of knowledge – a place where people from different places and cultures met and exchanged ideas, creating new philosophies and directions. That spirit of multiculturalism, exchange and innovation is the inspiration for Milet Publishing and is reflected in the diversity of our ranges.

"Milet is a leading independent publisher of books for children, young adults and adults. Milet publishes the largest range of bilingual children’s books, featuring more than 300 titles in English with over 25 languages. We also publish a line of bold picture dictionaries and flashcards, in English and bilingual; an award-winning collection of artistic children's books in English; a celebrated series of multicultural young fiction; a contemporary range of language learning books; a distinctive World Literature list; and a line of definitive Turkish-English dictionaries and phrasebooks.

"Our books feature bold, innovative artistic styles, and stories and text that are entertaining, educational, and meaningful.

"Milet’s bilingual children’s books celebrate multiculturalism and multilingualism. They feature colorful artwork, clear and easy-to-read text in both languages and a wide range of engaging formats and themes. With our bilingual books, bilingual and monolingual children alike get to enjoy art, story, and language!

"Language learning is lively, easy and enjoyable with the Milet Language Learning list – our contemporary line that melds our expertise in languages with our artistic flair, bringing new life to the genre!

"Please have a look at all of our ranges on the site!"